Route to Alaska

Route to Alaska


The plan is to leave Traverse City the 20th of May and return around the 1st of October.  The schedule is 80% open and we will determine for the most part what is next along the way. We do have some reservations where we expect to have competition for RV sites and related activities. Here is a rough plan of where we will be and when:

  • The route will be through Ontario around the top of Lake Superior.
  • The plan is a Northern Canadian route through Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Travel will be through Winnipeg and Saskatoon ultimately arriving at Edmonton, Alberta.
  • We are taking a side trip to the Northwest Territories going as far North as Great Slave Lake.  This will be a loop where we end up on the Alaskan Highway (AH).
  • The AH will take us through the Yukon Territory to Alaska.  We will make another side trip on the Klondike Highway from Tok to Dawson City where we will experience “The Top of The World Highway”.  As this highway is not RV friendly will leave it behind for part of this adventure.
  • The target date of June 14th we will arrive in Fairbanks.  The next day we head north to Coldfoot, Deadhorse, and Prudhoe Bay via the Ice Highway.  Again the RV gets to stay behind for a few days.  We get to rough it by staying in Oil Field Camps at Coldfoot and Deadhorse.  The highlight of this journey will be traveling North of the Arctic Circle and getting to wade in the Arctic Ocean.
  • Back to Fairbanks for a week before moving on to Denali for a few days.
  • After Denali we head to Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula for three weeks.
  • We will hit Valdez on our way to Haines where we pick up the ferry (with the RV) to Juneau.  This will take us a couple of weeks.  The ferry reservations are for August 2 and August 11th.
  • We have reservations at Juneau for 10 days.  Three of which we will make a side trip to Sitka, again without the RV.
  • Leaving Juneau we will take the ferry to Skagway for a few days before heading off to the Canadian Rockies (Jasper/Banff).  We will take a week or two to get there and staying a couple of week exploring that part of the world.
  • After that we head home with a target date around the 1st of October.

The route will cover over 11,000 pulling the RV plus many side trips.  We are really looking forward to this adventure.  The plan is to keep everyone posted along the way.  As usual we will take lots of pictures and plan to share them via the web site when we can.

Note the map at the beginning of this post which will give you an idea of where we are going.

Both Jan and I will keep our pictures and a dialog going on line.  Jan’s link is on the front page of this web site.


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