Unexpected turn of events!

Here is where the trip takes and unexpected turn!

Here is where the trip takes an unexpected turn!

Here is an unexpected blog posting. The drama continues! Last year on our way home from a summer on the road Jan had an encounter with a cab on her bike. It took us six months to fix everything that was broken. This year it is my turn. To make a very long story very short after leaving Alaska and about half way to the Canadian Rockies I was blindsided with a blood clot (DVT) which ended up being quite serious. The event was complicated by us being in a remote part of British Columbia where getting a confirmed diagnosis or treatment was not possible. We ultimately landed in Smithers, BC at the Bulkley Valley Hospital where we spent 10 days as an outpatient. The support we got from our family, the hospital staff and the local folks made the entire adventure much easier. We truly felt blessed so many came to our aid when we needed it.

The good news is instead of being forced to fly back to Michigan, I got the clearance to drive if I make regular stops at hospitals or medical centers along the way to make sure everything is working like it should. We found out that was easier said than done. So far so good and we are four days out from being back on home turf. It is looking like I will be grounded for the next three to six months. We will see what life brings us next as the saga continues…

Once I get back. I will post the final update on the last leg of the trip on the Alaskan Highway and the Cassiar Highway. Life is good as we relax tonight at the Red River Recreation Area in East Grand Forks, MN. In one way we are sad that trip is ending but on the other hand we are just happy we made it this far!

God Bless,

Larry and Jan

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